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Some of our works which we are partially and fully involved with include:

  • NAN: fencing work, Kastina State
  • Methsotho Nig Ltd: Material market, nyanya Abuja 
  • Various Residential buildings (design and build) 2008 till date
  • Secondary School Design for Peebles Limited, Lagos 2009 
  • Remodeling and Renovation works (Residential) 2007 till date 
  • Material market at Gwagwalada, Abuja 
  • Architectural/ Consultancy services 
  • Residential Designs in Zamfara State, 2010
  • 3 Star Hotel Design, Maiduguri. Borno State 2009
  • Hotel Design, Akure. Ondo State 2009
  • Renovation of office hall for Bayom and Associates

Each of KINETO CONSULTS LIMITED projects strive to enrich one's experience of space, light, context, materials and craftsmanship through the experience of architecture. We believe that exemplary architecture not only provides functional space, but acts as a lens through which we view, understand, and appreciate the natural and man-made world. At KINETO, we deliver a unique and personal product. Although projects range from new construction at the civic scale to the smallest residential remodels, each design opportunity brings creative potential. KINETO Architecture’s strength is transforming this potential into reality.

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